20 Sukkot Decoration Ideas


Fresh on the heels of the High Holidays, Sukkot has always been my favorite holiday. From the time I was a little child and our family took out the (very) heavy Sukkah boards, I would just cherish the opportunity to decorate our “new home”. From school projects (recycled year after year), to endless paper chains, and as I grew older more complex and original additions, I just couldn’t wait to display my Sukkah creations. As the years have passed and now I have a family of my own, my enthusiasm for Sukkah decorating has certainly not waned. Always on the lookout for new ideas, I try to impart to my children too, not be afraid to “think out of the box” and try to come up with something special and meaningful…. especially if it’s for the sake of the mitzvah of beautifying our Sukkah. To help you along to add something “extra” to your Sukkah this year, I have compiled a number of ideas, some my own,  others from a variety of DIY craft websites . These projects run the whole gamut, from easy classic ones to detailed ones, each certain to add to the Yom Tov spirit. No time to Do It Yourself?? I have included a number of links to some Amazon products that will truly enhance your Sukkah this year. As a side note, maybe I have Sukkah decorating in my genes…. My grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Neurath, began packaging ready made Sukkah chain strips in their house in  Williamsburg some 60 years ago. Today, more than a half a century later, my uncle, Mr. Moshe Neurath owns Hygloss arts and crafts supplies, a very large distributor of craft products, that all began with Sukkah chains in the kitchen….

  1. Chic Hanging Vases by
  2. Flowers in Bubbles by
  3. DIY Hula Hoop Sukkah Chandelier by
  4. DIY Sukkah Shelf by
  5. Plastic Cup Chandelier by
  6. Wax Paper Chandelier by
  7. Fish Scale Chandelier by Design Sponge
  8. Recycled Hanging Glass Chandelier by
  9. Martha Stewart Crafts Modern Festive Medium Pom-Poms
  10. Hanging Rosettes
  11. Mighty Bright Paper Chain Strips 1"X8" 180/Pkg-Assorted Colors
  12. Fruit Chandelier
  13. Esrogim Chandelier
  14. Hanging Birds
  15. Hanging Violin Sukkah Decoration
  16. Ready to Hang Bling Chandelier
  17. Set of 6 Wall Tiles on Metal Rod
  18. Colorful Wind Chime
  19. Snowflake Stained Glass Frames
  20. Kotel Poster

Thanks for stopping by and make sure to check out all the links! Come back soon - I will still be posting some more ideas before Sukkot. For now, Happy Crafting!!!

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  • I am the Principal of a Hebrew School in Orange County, NY and my kids make these edible Sukkah’s all the time soiemtmes we use Marshmallow fluff or nutella is another good type of glue to hold it together. We also use the pretzel sticks and graham crackers. We also get the gel candies that look like fruit to put on the sides this is great fun for the kids

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